COINCIDENCE OR MALIGNANT SPIRIT In Sept.09, Jean-Pierre Treiber, 41, forestry worker, detained by French police since late year because involved in a scandalous murder, escaped from prison and found refuge in the forest. After 4 months on the run thumbing his nose to the RAID (french police special forces), he has been finally arrested. Since 4 months, hundreds of policemen and volunteers were searching for him in the forests where it is believed the fugitive could survive for weeks. “He knew the area like the back of his hand. He’s a real woodsman,” said one policeman. Finally arrested, he is considered the France’s most notorious killer, accused of murdering Katia Lherbier, 32, the daughter of a french actor and her lesbian lover before burning and burying their bodies near his home at Villeneuve sur Yonne in Burgundry. On Feb. 18, 2010, he suicided in jail claiming for his innocence. From now on, the mobiles of the crime remain unknown.

The bodies of the young women had been found in the well of his garden. Police found the charred remains of their bodies in a well near his home in the village of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne. A post-mortem examination concluded that they had either been suffocated or poisoned and some remains burned and buried in the garden.

This sad event could be a simple "news in brief" but no it isn't because there is a disturbing coincidence.

And indeed, the city of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne -a mediaeval typical French town- is the home of the one of France's most notorious mass murderers, the famous Dr Marcel Petiot (January 17, 1897 – May 25, 1946), a notorious French serial-killer who became famous under the names of "Dr Satan" and "Dr Eugene". Child, he showed an intelligence out of the normal but at the same time he revealed sadist inclinations. After being injuried during the Great War, this former combatant obtained in 1921 his diploma in medicine. Then, he became the town's mayor of the city of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne and from 1927 till 1935 was elected as councillor of the Yonne province. Dismissed in 1935, he left his village for going to Paris where he bought a town residence. His investisment confirmed very lucrative. Indeed, during the Second War, he built a real crime factory: he attracted clandestine people promising to bring them in the free zone. In fact, he killed them by poison injections, cut the corpses and got rid of the remains. Arrested in 1943 by the german police, he was released by lack of evidences and decided to install in the Street Le Sueur in Paris again. At this time, he wanted to be an industrial of crime installing a gas chamber where he watched his victims in agony untill their death through a peep-hole .

Denounced by some neighbours because of the pestilential smell escaping from his house, the french police found dozens of human bones and remains in the house and in trenches in the garden filled with quicklime . Again, he was released because of a lack of evidences and above all because his statut of former combatant of the Great War. He argued also that the human remains found were in reality those of german invaders. After a long trial, he was finally guillotined in May 1946.

Another disturbing coincidence, is that in this apparent peacefull countryside, at less than 200 km from Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, other cities have been also the places of horrible tragedies in the past. Indeed, Henri Landru, another french serial killer operated not very far, in the cities of Vernouillet and Gambay, burning his female victims into a furnace after cutting their corpses.

Are the late events in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne with the horrible murder of two young women and their remains found in the well in Treiber's house, a coincidence? the act of a copycat? or simply, the haunting of malignant spirits?

At, we don't believe in coincidences.
Be sure that malignant spirits go on existing and roving in somes places, searching always for unemcumbered minds.

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