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YOU GOT A GHOST MAIL People of the XXIst centiry live in a so material way that they daily pass near more or less supernatural events, and certainly extremely strange.

Our world is so made that a laente mystery impregnates it.

If you want to try to read carefully the world press, you realize that the forces of the great beyond return always to visit us.

Preaching for materialism, denying supernatural is not enough to cancel fantastic. This one exists indeed and in this webblog, we regularly propose to prove it. The ways of impossible are particularly tortuous. It is true that sometimes they borrow somes limits of human intelligence... with many superstitions, frights and hallucinations. But also, the ways of impossible surround closely the mysteries of a world that people of our modern century go on to ignore.

And even for Christmas, supernatural is always here:

And so, a Christmas card old of 93 years arrived on December 14, 2007 in the little town of Oberlin in Kansas. The postcard has a drawing of Santa Claus with a young girl. The Christmas card was dated December 23, 1914, and mailed to Ethel Martin apparently from her cousins in Nebraska, nowadays died and buried. Because this woman was deceased, the post office addressed it to a close relative.

For post officials, this ghost mail is a complete mystery.

The bizarre has always materialist explanations. But even if there is a human gesture at the basis of this sending, the motivation, itself, specially in sending a card old of near 100 years, dated from 1914, can be inspired by supernatural and fantastic too.

At's, we are convince everyday that daily life is full of supernatural.

Only close your eyes, feel the atmosphere, and suddenly another reality is opening to you.

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