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THE CURSE OF MAGDELENA It is a French small village of near one thousand inhabitants nested close to the Tarn river which seems very peacefull at first. One simply comes to live there because building price and rents are less expensive than in the close cities of Bessières and Villemur where they are higher.

In this peacefull place, suddenly an horrible tragedy happened this week-end of July 14th.

A father, Jean-Claude Vacquiers, killed to death his family: two brothers, two sons and the girl friend of one of them. The reason of this tragic gesture is mainly emotional. His wife lifed separate from him. Installed in Bezier, she had just announced him her decision to leave him. To avenge, he announced his decision to kill all the people she loved. And so, this last friday before July 14th, indeed he exterminated the complete family located in the small village of Magdeleine sur Tarn, in the South West of France, North of the City of Toulouse.

One could think that this horrible event is fortuitous in this apparently quiet small village but it is false; is not the first time that a bloody and savage event occurs.

Indeed, not very far from the village, at the suburbs near the main road linking St Sulpice to Montauban, the same event occured 10 years ago. A horse dealer, father himself, living with her wife in a farm apart the village of Magdeleine, killed to death her wife because she announced she wanted to leave.

In the two cases, the killing weapons used were hunting guns. In the two cases, the killers after their murders, committed suicide. In the two cases, the motive was their wife wanted to leave.

Strange isn't?

Why not if you know that the name of the small village "Magdeleine sur Tarn" is the french translation of Magdelene ou Magdalena, the female sinner of the Bible, the unfaithfull woman that Jesus saved from lapidation. She had to be lapidated because of infidelity.

And in this french village of Magdeleine, two chiefs of family decided to punish their wifes as in the Bible: by death.

If you believe in supernatural, you'll know that you must care when you are naming something because sometimes, the verb and the things can be deeply associated for the worst. In the story of the city of Magdeleine sur Tarn, it appears true, some kind of curse seeming to lurk around

At terrificator's, we are convinced every day, that horrible and unexplicable things are hidden behind our daily reality and every day, events prove

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