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MAKING OF GHOST BRIDES May 17, 2009 - Chinese police has arrested three men for killing young women and selling their corpses as "ghost brides" for dead, single men. The women were victims of an old belief, still alive in the mountains where Chairman Mao Zedong nurtured his Communist revolution.

The belief dates back to before the Han dynasty: young men who die unmarried should go to their graves accompanied by a recently deceased woman to be their wife in the afterlife.

According to superstition, unmarried deads would haunt their living family in dreams and could ruin the prosperity of future generations unless their ghosts are wed.

Yang Donghai, 35, a peasant of Shaanxi province, confessed having killing his girlfriend that he bought initially for 12,000 Yuans for marrying her. But he thought he was tricked when he discovered that the woman he bought was mentally handicapped.

And so, he decided to kill her and succeeded to resell the corpse for 16,000 Yuans. Suprised by his success and wanting to be rich, he decided to organize a traffic of female corpses and begin to kill other women with the help of two accomplices untill the chinese police arrested them. Police believes there may be many more ghost brides acquired by murder.

Sometimes, reality can be worse than your worst nightmare !

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