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BOLIVIAN WITCHES' MARKET In Bolivia, witches market are traditional. And so, witches are used to sell amulets, spells and incantations at this very special market, in El Alto, above La Paz. You will find here dried llama fetus and all types of amulets and spells. Witches are ofering customers hopes and protection.

They are used to be called "witch doctors" and are presenting their medecine and occult technics into open stalls or little shops for the richest ones. They promise luck at work or in love, or to call up spirits and banish curses. They propose herbs trade too, selling particular blendings that relieve all sorts of pains. They make incantations sucking coca leaves and making gestures onto a crucifix placed on the center of their small stalls.

Herbs and amulets are hang into little shops next to Jesus and Morales's pictures and crucifix. Witches question omen for people who want spirits for protecting them, specially for minors who are risking everyday their life inside the mines.

Wandering through this market, you are hearing old and captivating threnodies coming from the ages from every corner of this irreal and so strange place. Passing through, you see malicious and piercing eyes shining in the darkness of the stalls which are waiting for you...

Generally local customers feel happy when returning home because witches told them that they will held fortunes for long years... That gives courage to them.

This tradition of witches markets comes from the ages and go on existing despite technics and sceptics.

At's, we like news as this because we know that world is not as smooth as you believe.

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