SPELL FOR PROTECTION AND CONJURATING SADNESS If it is true that men are what they eat, all the more reason is that men who are full of material thoughts and selfish emotions little by little will take their forms and their colors.

Each of you can test at what point life and its background can become dull and deprived of sense when you are invaded by thousand of negative factors that we know today under the name of nervous break-down. Nothing anymore can touch a depressive person, even the most beautiful or happiest event… and there are more and more depressive people…

The world which surrounds us is built on desire. Desire of purchase, desire of recognition and social position, desire to possess what you don't have, desire to be another person... The many results from these movements which beat time of our societies, create unsatisfaction, renunciation, sacrifice, moral discomfort, grip and pain.

How to succeed to find happiness when you are continuously in agitation, when in order to go on existing socially, you have to agitate permanently yourself physically and mentally...untill exhaustion.

All you need is a refuge, an haven of peace where you can rest and ressource yourselves, a sanctuary born from the mysteries of your imagination.

In your unrestrained life, it is important to system such a sanctuary, a place where you will find the necessary courage, the force and the equilibrium to live your daily life in a creative way.

Almost all the religious worships have adopted the use of plants in their rites as far as one can go up in time. A ceremonial exists, very simple and accessible to all people to carry out every day inducing the necessary easy moral flow which will bring the interior peace you seek:
"Look at flowers and smell them!".

Spring is the right season for doing this largely, summer which arrives too. For those who don't have a garden, take the time to go to look at flowers in nature or public gardens. Perform this regularly.

When you watch at them, remember the flowers push quite simply, they live such as they are, open and relaxed without having to leave anything, to give up privileges, to make sacrifices… and however, they flourish and are perfect.

Also, for special protection, take the habit to put flowers at your windows. Geranium specially is an old plant which has some kind of magic properties and so decorate your balconies with these beautiful red flowers. The only presence of geranium is source of well being because its vibrations move away a lot of negative influences.

Learn to watch flowers regularly, then wait with courage for the result.

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