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LIGHT AND DESIRE OF KILLING In Sept.-08, a young student, Matti Juhani Saari, 22 years-old, has perpetrated a massacre in a college in southwestern Finland killing ten people.The young gunman died after shooting himself in the head after the killing.

It is the Nordic nation's second school massacre in 10 months.

Some days before Matti Juhani Saari has put himself in a scene in a web video crying his hate of people and holding up a weapon.

Already, some European sociologists claimed on the radios it was the fault of the web because Finland is greatly connected and people more web addicted that anywhere and that way of life induces antisocial behaviour.

It's really a strange and short explanation I heard from a doctor speaking on the French media Europe 1, one week ago.

A young mate addicted of internet it is not a killer in power, tell this to your parents, my little creatures.

Before saying these silly things, the sociologist should have to know his geography.

Hardest in the Finnish winter, are not inevitably the temperatures… and the addiction for the web, it is especially the lack of light… 5 hours almost of sun per day... only...

The Finns are used to cure this lack of light by artificial complements: catch of vitamins or drugs, luminotherapy, intensity of the luminosity inside the houses.

At terrificator's, we love night and darkness but with measure. So, we decide today for all our little creatures to give them and their parents too, some recommendations -specially during this hard period of economical crack-for avoiding sleeping troubles, which can lead to possible mental troubles and psychological disorders.

Here are simple advices to follow for avoiding insomnia:
- adopt a regular schedule regarding your sleep/awakening;
- avoid the long naps during the day;
- maintain a good level of physical-activity during the day;
- avoid intense sports at the end of the evening;
- plan moments of relaxation in evening;
- avoid to abuse tobacco, coffee, cola, chocolate, alcohol and drugs before sleeping;
- sleep in a calm, dark and fresh environment;
- in case of insomnia, ok leave the bed , but choose a light of low intensity;
- expose yourself to good levels of luminosity per day that-is-to say avoid to live in blackness all the day even if you're a vampire;
- sleep always in blackness (in this way, vampires are ok)

As you see, if we like Darkness at's, on the other hand we consume Blackness with measure.

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