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DIRECT VOICES Texts of Antiquity already mentionned voices heard during occultist meetings. Obviously, they did not belong to any the people present in the rooms. And so, spoke the voice of Aius Locutius in 390 before Christ.

This phenomenom is called "direct voice".

In the psychopathological field, the alleged perception of voice is largely widespread. It can occur under the form of hallucination because of a passing conscience disorder , or it can constitute a symptom of psychosis or schizophrenia.

For the spiritistic ones, there is no doubt that this phenomenon is one of the ways in which messages appear coming from the Great Beyond.

The famous Scottish medium, Daniel Dunglas Home, would have perceived direct voices.

In 1927, a disc of direct voice was recorded in the presence of George Valiantine, an American medium which carried on its activity until in the years 1930.

In the religious context, many mystics heard or felt direct voices.

Testimonies from brilliant scientific people with critic and worthy spirit and faith such, the physicist, Sir William Crookes (1832-1919) have been writen.

Shamans of all the areas of theworld observe also this singular phenomenon. The Indian tribes of North America practise the ceremony of the "trembling tent". Ake Hult-kranz, professor highly skilled of Religions Compared at the University of Stockholm, has reported such a meeting. Thanks to never-ending dances and beats of drums, Shamans are transported in a state of fright, which enables them to undertake spiritual travels and to come into contact with ghosts and/or spirits.

Admittedly, the most convinced ones think that this phenomenon of direct voice constitutes a concrete proof of a communication between the Great Beyond and our reality. Others admit that they are paranormal phenomena of psychokinetic origin.

Direct voices really exist: they seem to touch another level of reality and perception, far beyond of our usual life.

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